Activities under the Charitable Giving Policy

In accordance with its Charitable Giving Policy, in 2021 PKN ORLEN implemented and supported initiatives aligned with the four priorities set out in the document: ORLEN for the environment, ORLEN for society, ORLEN for safety and health, ORLEN for sports, education and culture.

GRI Disclosures:

The Charitable Giving Policy is an important part of corporate social responsibility, as a tool supporting the Company in its role as a responsible corporate citizen and employer, member of the local community, and good neighbour. The ORLEN Group not only initiates and carries out charity activities, but also participates in such initiatives as a partner.

The ORLEN Foundation, established in 2001 to fulfil the social responsibility mission of its founder, PKN ORLEN, plays an important role in pursuing these objectives. Since its inception, the Foundation has provided comprehensive assistance to foster family group homes by funding scholarships, trips during summer and winter holidays, additional tuition and rehabilitation care for children, covering the cost of dwelling repairs or redecorations, or financing fuel cards. At the moment the Foundation provides assistance to the charges of more than 300 such homes. The Foundation runs numerous scholarship programmes, both for children of ORLEN Group employees and for students from Płock and the surrounding area. The aim of such programmes is to help young people in their education and pursuit of their passions, improve their motivation, and also encourage their social involvement, e.g., through volunteer work. In 2021, the Foundation ran the fourth edition of the BONA FIDE scholarship programme together with partners: J.K. Steczkowski BGK Foundation, Energa Foundation, LOTOS Foundation and Halina Konopacka LOTTO Foundation. Under the programme, the Foundation supports second- and third-degree students at a foreign university ranked among the world’s top 50 academic institutions (the Shanghai List). The Foundation’s mission is to support world-class development and education of people who have the potential of becoming future leaders in various sectors of the economy or public administration. In 2021, the ORLEN Foundation continued four grant programmes. In addition to the two decades-old ORLEN for Firefighters, there were two programmes launched in 2018: My Place on Earth, which encourages local communities to make a difference for the better in their immediate surroundings, and We keep watch! We remember!, in which foundations, associations or local institutions commemorate national heroes, restoring memorial sites dedicated to often forgotten heroes of local fights for Poland’s independence. Launched in 2020, the Health for Płock grant programme, addressed to non-governmental and local government organisations active in Płock and the neighbouring Counties of Płock, Sierpc and Gostynin, was continued in 2021. The organisations may receive grants of up to PLN 20,000 for disease prevention projects. In the fourth edition of the ORLEN Foundation’s programme My Place on Earth grants to fund the proposed projects, ranging from PLN 5,000 to PLN 20,000, went to various common interest societies, farmers’ wives associations, schools, libraries, sports clubs, parishes and other beneficiaries. The initiatives for the benefit of local communities were evaluated by independent experts. In 2021, the Foundation co-financed 185 projects. For 20 years, PKN ORLEN and the ORLEN Foundation have supported the State Fire Service and voluntary fire brigades. In 2021, 267 units received financial support totalling PLN 2m, which they used to purchase necessary equipment. Thanks to regular support from the ORLEN Foundation, over the last two decades fire brigades have been equipped with the necessary equipment to fight fires and respond to natural disasters, as well as equipment used in road, technical, medical, chemical, environmental and rope rescue operations. The ORLEN Foundation also runs local community education initiatives.

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As part of these efforts, it launched the first edition of the ORLEN Foundation Academy, a series of workshops intended for beneficiaries of the ORLEN Foundation’s grant programmes. The series included 12 online workshops designed to improve the competencies necessary to run an organisation in a professional way. Representatives of more than 80 organisations received training as part of the first edition of the project. The Foundation also created an educational board game Trial by Fire, which is intended for members of Youth Fire Brigades working with Volunteer Fire Brigades. The project seeks to reinforce the young people’s firefighting skills, their ability to cope well under the pressure of time and their ability to cooperate and compete. More than 140 copies of the game were donated to Volunteer Fire Brigades in 2021. The programme will be continued in 2022. The Foundation rolled out its employee volunteering programme in 2021. The ORLEN Group’s seventeen-year history of corporate volunteering shows growing interest in social activism. ORLEN Group employees who submit a volunteering idea may receive a PLN 3,000 grant and a day off work to pursue their project. The employee volunteering programme includes initiatives like Volunteering Week and the Volunteering Project of the Year competition, which was postponed until 2022. Furthermore, the ORLEN Foundation pursues its statutory objectives by granting donations to other entities. In 2021, it provided in-kind and financial support to entities responsible for combating the pandemic. The support was addressed in particular to medical services, hospitals and uniformed services tasked with saving the life and health of infected people, as well as to the staff and charges of nursing homes. The CSR initiatives of PKN ORLEN and the ORLEN Foundation also engage members of the VITAY loyalty scheme.

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No donations were made to political parties, politicians or similar institutions in 2021. In line with its Charitable Giving Policy, PKN ORLEN will not review requests for donations from trade unions, employers' organisations, professional self-governments, sports clubs operating as companies under commercial law, as well as political parties and their foundations or associations.

The ORLEN Group also operates other corporate foundations – the ANWIL Foundation, Energa Foundation and Unipetrol Foundation.

Established in 2014 the ANWIL Foundation, supports projects aimed at raising the level of education of the Włocławek residents, counteracting social and economic exclusion, improving the condition of the natural environment, preserving the historical heritage, as well as protecting and promoting health. Over the past seven years, the Foundation has allocated over PLN 8.5m to its statutory activities. With these funds, 583 projects were implemented by the beneficiaries (schools, kindergartens, universities, NGOs, farmers’ wives associations, volunteer fire brigades, and other public-benefit organisations). As part of the ANWIL Helps employee volunteering programme, ANWIL employees participated in 83 volunteering projects for non-governmental organisations, care providers, foster care centres, educational institutions, schools, sports organisations, and science, culture and art centres operating in the city of Włocławek and neighbouring communes. A total of 283 scholarships for talented youth and undergraduate students were awarded under two scholarship programmes: Primi inter Pares (for eighth-grade students of primary schools and students of secondary schools) and Youth with ANWIL (for junior and senior science students). In 2021, the Foundation completed the following projects:

  • Be Healthy – a health promotion programme;
  • Fifth edition of Learning with ANWIL, a programme promoting science;
  • Second edition of the I Choose Sports and Say Goodbye to Boredom project, which promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyles;
  • Health City – an event held in the form of a family picnic, designed to foster healthy lifestyles among the residents of Wloclawek and the surrounding areas, raise awareness of health-related issues, promote and support preventive health care. Doctors and specialists in various medical fields provided a total of nearly 2,000 examinations and consultations;
  • Holidays with the Foundation – a project which aims to provide creative, attractive and safe leisure activities for children and young people from Włocławek and neighbouring municipalities who stay at home during the summer holidays. In 2021, thanks to the Foundation’s support 1,477 children benefited from various forms of holiday recreation free of charge;
  • Sixth edition of the Building Bridges grant competition, seeking to support people in the area of the Foundation’s activities in initiatives undertaken for their communities and focusing on countering social and economic exclusion, improving public safety, raising the level of education of residents and developing civic awareness, as well as strengthening the sense of belonging and integration with the local community. 3,683 participants took part in the activities implemented under the project.

In 2021, the Foundation assisted the local community in their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, allocating an additional PLN 400 thousand for the cause. Thirteen entities benefitted from the funding, including the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Włocławek, which received close to PLN 300 thousand.

Operating since 2009, the Energa Foundation provided financial support in excess of PLN 6.2m to 674 persons in total, including 521 natural persons and 153 legal entities, in 2021. One-third of the funds (over PLN 2m) was spent to cover cost of treatment, surgery and rehabilitation. A record 71 Energa employees received support last year (16 more than in 2020) for the total amount of PLN 884 thousand. In 2021, the Energa Foundation also donated about PLN 100 thousand to fund hand surgery of a little girl, Hania Kołek. With the financial support of the Energa Foundation, the surgery could be performed by the Paley European Institute in Warsaw. Under the programme, the Energa Foundation provided financial support in excess of PLN 1.2m to public-benefit organisations and health care, security and medical emergency providers,


  • Regional Hospital in Kołobrzeg (purchase of personal protective equipment);
  • District Hospital in Jarocin (purchase of medical equipment);
  • Drop of Energy Foundation (hosting a blood donation drive);
  • Volunteer Fire Brigades (purchase of firefighting equipment);
  • Copernicus Medical Facility (supporting the fight against COVID-19);
  • Provincial Specialist Complex of Healthcare Establishments for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis in Wolica (reimbursement of the cost of ambulance equipment, purchase of additional equipment for a vaccination station and assistance with the cost of a defibrillator for the Emergency Room);
  • Independent Public Healthcare Facility – Sanatorium in Sopot (purchase of an SRT machine);
  • Włocławek Volunteer Water Rescue Service (purchase of a car to transport people and rescue equipment).

In addition, the Energa Foundation provided financial support to the Whatever You Did Foundation. The organisation donated funds to purchase gifts for poor families and single people who have Polish roots and currently live in the Vilnius area.

The Czech-based ORLEN Unipetrol Foundation operates a scholarship programme for students of secondary schools and universities providing life science and technology education, and a grant programme for secondary schools and teachers assisting them with the purchase of technical equipment and implementation of projects run by students as part of science clubs and workshops. The Foundation runs the Fairy Tale Chemistry Day to teach chemistry to primary and secondary school students in a fun way and to portray chemistry as an up-to-date and exciting field of science. ORLEN Unipetrol became a strategic partner of the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague in 2002, having since donated almost CZK 30m for educational and development projects. ORLEN Unipetrol has also established collaboration with municipalities near its production plants (Litvínov, Kralupy nad Vltavou and Neratovice). In 2021, more than CZK 3.2m was donated to 27 communes and municipalities.

PKN ORLEN continued to provide support to the Grant Fund for Płock Foundation as part of a relationship that has lasted almost 18 years now. The Group is a founder and sponsor of the Foundation, Poland’s first initiative of this kind, which is unique in that it is based on sectoral collaboration and fosters business-local government partnerships. The Foundation provides financial support to local non-governmental organisations, offering them the opportunity to carry out interesting, interdisciplinary projects that extend beyond municipal competitions. By financing Płock-based institutions, the Foundation participates in projects aimed at raising the standard of living for Płock residents in all areas of life, from sports, through social welfare, to education and culture. Money is donated to projects initiated by local residents that are consistent with the Strategy for Sustainable Development of the City of Płock and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. More than 430 projects have received over PLN 5.9m of financial support under the Grant Fund to date. In 2021 alone, the number of beneficiaries of the projects funded by the Foundation exceeded 51,000.

For information on our involvement in sustainability initiatives organised by third parties, see `Organisations and associations`.

For key performance indicators in the social area, see ‘Social capital’.

For a description of significant risks relating to the group’s business and the risk management methods, see `Risk management`.

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