CSR Strategy implementation

Directions of our CSR activities are defined in the CSR strategy, which is aligned with the business strategy.

In 2021, we proceeded with the implementation of the ORLEN Group CSR Strategy until 2022 within five key areas of responsibility: Society, Environment, Employees, Customers, and Business Partners. The identification of these areas facilitated the allocation of tasks corresponding to the needs of specific stakeholder groups. The ORLEN Group’s ambition is to best fulfil the role of a responsible corporate citizen and employer, a member of the community and a good neighbour.

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We are open to the world, in tune with people’s needs and ready to help. Our activities address the needs of local communities, bringing about real change in the lives of their target beneficiaries. The ORLEN Group wants its initiatives to be wide-ranging so that its charitable efforts reach all places where they are needed.

The ORLEN Group CSR Strategy until 2022 builds on the Company’s business strategy, our internal code of ethics – the Core Values and Standards of Conduct of PKN ORLEN, and Agenda 2030 – the UN resolution on sustainable development at the global and local level.

Apart from seeking to align business with social objectives, other priorities of the CSR Strategy are to foster PKN ORLEN’s image as a leader in CSR and sustainability, generate CSR synergies across the Group, and support the pursuit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Accessibility Plus programme.

The CSR strategy is implemented within five key areas of responsibility: Society, Environment, Employees, Customers, and Business Partners. In order to best implement the CSR Strategy, the actions undertaken within its framework are prioritised. In 2019–2021, emphasis was placed on projects involving environmental protection, promotion of safety (including road safety), as well as promotion and protection of health. The Group also engages in projects supporting disease prevention (including as part of the fight against COVID-19) as well as education on active and healthy lifestyles. Our employees and trading partners are guaranteed the best possible OHS conditions, and the safety of our production processes is being constantly improved in order to ensure safe living conditions to the local communities. Another key element of corporate social responsibility is protection of the natural environment. Together with other ORLEN Group companies, PKN ORLEN undertakes various initiatives to appeal to people’s environmental conscience, protect biodiversity and optimise business impacts.

In autumn 2021, the new ORLEN Group Sustainable Development Strategy 2021–2023 was adopted, replacing the ORLEN Group CSR Strategy until 2022. It is built around three ESG pillars: Environmental, Social and Governance. As part of the social pillar, we will continue activities supporting the potential of local communities with respect for their rights, offering various educational (e.g. promoting responsible consumption), sports and cultural programmes and engaging in projects that foster social and environmental awareness among stakeholders. Out of concern for the natural environment, we will continue to build a portfolio of green non-fuel products and services for customers at our servicw stations, for example by introducing green packaging, expanding the vegetarian food range, and waste recycling.

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