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Responsibility and dialouge are the underlying principles of the ORLEN Group's stakeholder relations. We seek to build them on integrity, transparency, mutual respect and professionalism.

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To ensure the highest quality of stakeholder relations, the frequency and methods of communication are tailored to the characteristics and current expectations of each stakeholder group. This Statement presents many examples of activities taken to that effect. The parties involved in the stakeholder dialogue (an online survey and interviews) in November 2020, that is representatives of the ORLEN Group and its environment, reviewed the stakeholder map. It was revised by identifying ‘Environment’ as a separate stakeholder group; reclassifying ‘Dealers and franchisees’ and ‘NGOs’ to the key stakeholder group; and changing the name of the group ‘NGOs’ – in response to proposals put forward by stakeholders it was made more specific: ‘Polish and foreign industry and consumer organisations’.

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ORLEN Group's stakeholder map

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