Social engagement

The main goals we pursue in the Society area are to support the development of local communities, prevent social exclusion and promote equal opportunities, ensure safety and health protection, and preserve the national heritage. The CSR strategy is implemented within five key areas of responsibility:

Society  Environment Employees Customers Business Partners

In 2021, we continued countrywide projects targeted at local communities, such as the grant programmes: My Place on Earth, We keep watch! We remember!, and ORLEN for Firefighters. The ORLEN Foundation conducted successive editions of scholarship programmes, including For Eagles, dedicated to children of PKN ORLEN’s and other ORLEN Group companies’ employees and residents of Płock and the County of Płock, and BONA FIDE, a unique programme in Poland addressed to outstanding students who continue their education (second- and third-degree studies) at the world’s top universities from the Shanghai List. 2021 also saw the second edition of the Health for Płock grant programme, addressed to non-governmental and local government organisations active in Płock and the neighbouring Counties of Płock, Sierpc and Gostynin. In 2021, we increased our involvement in health promotion. Responding to the needs of Płock residents, PKN ORLEN continued cooperation with the Maria Skłodowska Curie National Institute for Oncology under an agreement concerning the Comprehensive Programme for the Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of Cancers and Respiratory System Diseases for Residents of the City and County of Płock. The Programme is run by the National Institute of Oncology, together with the National Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Research Institute, under the patronage of the Ministry of Health. The project’s key objective is to undertake pro-health initiatives relating to respiratory system diseases and cancers, as well as the implementation of educational programmes on the causes of those diseases. One of its goals is to make the residents of Płock and surrounding areas aware of the need to change their lifestyles, as this may significantly reduce the risk of illness.

Actions implemented under the programme in 2021:

  • Continued operation of pulmonology and oncology infolines for residents and medical staff from Płock and its surroundings. The consultants advised on oncology prevention activities and arranged recommended consultations and appointments with specialists from the institutes (navigator assistance is provided for people undergoing the diagnostic/treatment process).
  • Regular updates to the programme website at, an ample source of information on the Programme, its activities, disease prevention and treatment.
  • Continued operation of a stop-smoking assistance point and a dietary advice point, providing access to consultations with doctors, nurses, psychologists and dieticians, and launch of a respiratory physiotherapy aid point, where a specialist helped to select basic breathing exercises appropriate to age and health condition.
  • Online training for doctors and nurses, with participants receiving a completion certificate.
  • Third edition of the Health City project organised for residents of the city of Płock and the Counties of Płock, Gostynin and Sierpc on August 8th 2021. The project site was visited by more than 1,300 residents of Płock and the surrounding areas, who received nearly 2,000 medical examinations and consultations. During the event, participants were offered an opportunity to undergo medical examination (ECG, mammography, blood morphology tests) and consult specialists in the fields of cardiology, podoscopy and ENT. As part of the ongoing collaboration, the National Oncology Institute and the Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases set up a number of consultation points for Health City participants, including pulmonology, oncology, dietary, dermatology, stop-smoking assistance and post-COVID-19 rehabilitation consultations points and a European Code Against Cancer information point.
  • 2021 saw the second edition of the Health for Płock grant programme, addressed to non-governmental and local government organisations active in Płock and the neighbouring Counties of Płock, Sierpc and Gostynin. 111 organisations submitted their applications. Grants totalling PLN 300,000 were awarded to 23 organisations, and were used to finance, for example, the organisation of sports activities, meetings with dieticians and lectures on disease prevention. The beneficiaries included sports clubs, primary schools, and farmers’ wives associations.

In 2021, the third edition of the #GoodDriver public awareness campaign was held to promote the rules of road safety,

It sought to encourage motorists to exhibit good driver behaviour such as: staying sober while driving, yielding to pedestrians approaching crossings, keeping children safe in the car, and not exceeding the speed limit. Adherence to these rules was advocated by Robert Kubica and other leading sportsmen of the ORLEN Team.

Our efforts to promote pro-environmental behaviours included a campaign

advertising the sustainable food offering of STOP CAFEs. Its purpose was to encourage customers to make right consumer choices and take informed buying decisions.

A ceremonial gala summing up another edition of the ORLEN for Firefighters programme was held in the Grand Theatre – National Opera in 2021.

The aim of the programme is to support State Fire Service and Voluntary Fire Service brigades by subsidising or financing the purchase of equipment necessary for them to perform their tasks, in particular to fight fires, natural disasters and other local threats in their areas of operation. During the ceremony, symbolic cheques were presented to representatives of the brigades. 267 fire stations of the 2,802 that applied received the grants.

In 2021, PKN ORLEN, together with the ORLEN Foundation and Energa S.A., implemented a social outreach project Good Energy Homes.

Solar PV panels were mounted on the roofs of two foster family group homes, in Szczawin Kościelny near Płock and in Gostynin, which can now produce green energy for their own use and reduce their environmental impact. PKN ORLEN and the ORLEN Foundation provided active in-kind and financial support to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, in particular to medical and uniformed services and hospitals tasked with saving the life and health of infected persons, as well as to staff and residents of nursing homes.

The following institutions received support through the ORLEN Foundation: Independent Public Healthcare Establishment of the Provincial Ambulance Service and Medical Transport Station in Płock, Central Police Headquarters in Warsaw, Dr Józef Psarski Warsaw Province Specialist Hospital in Ostrołęka, nursing homes. The support took the form of in-kind donations, including masks and disinfectant fluids. As part of the struggle with COVID-19, we offered a possibility of redeeming the points collected in the VITAY loyalty scheme for a new award: support to hospitals in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. It was included in the Award Catalogue on April 1st 2020 (as the implementation of the idea of a VITAY customer, who shared it on the PKN ORLEN profile) and maintained in 2021.

In 2021, PKN ORLEN was also involved in community projects aimed at reducing inequalities. Their intended beneficiaries were children under the care of foster family group homes and the Róża Czacka Centre for Blind Children in Laski, as well as senior citizens. The events were supported by volunteers of the ORLEN Foundation. In 2021, the Christmas Gift Box for Płock Senior Citizens project was carried out for the second time. Christmas dishes were delivered to 3,800 people in need. The initiative was warmly welcomed by the oldest residents of Płock. The boxes were distributed on December 23rd and 24th so that the seniors would receive fresh food for the holidays. The Płock ORLEN Polish Open tournament was held in Płock for the 26th time. It has been included in the International Tennis Federation calendar since 1995 and is an integral part of the global UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour. Płock ORLEN Polish Open is a sporting event which at the same time promotes an extraordinary social aspect – the return of severely disadvantaged people to a normal active life. PKN ORLEN was also the Main Sponsor of regional conferences held by the Chance for the Blind Foundation in Kraków, Wrocław and Opole in October. The 16 Accessibility Seriously conferences aimed to promote local integration of blind and visually impaired people, share information about modern rehabilitation opportunities, and draw public attention to the problems faced by people with disabilities.

In the current international security crisis, the ORLEN Group has become strongly involved in humanitarian aid for Ukrainie. Its activities are directed both to conflict-affected areas and to people arriving in Poland.

In the first days of March 2022, the ORLEN Foundation set up resting points (tents) in four locations on the Polish-Ukrainian border, where refugees could have a warm meal, get warm, and find out how and where to seek further assistance. Since April, a similar point has been operated by the ORLEN Foundation at the Central Railway Station in Warsaw.

At the beginning of the armed conflict in Ukraine, PKN ORLEN declared its readiness to host refugees at the Company’s Petrochemia hotel in Płock. We provide accommodation, meals and counselling services. In addition, in May this year we handed over the Hotel Dębowa Góra hotel owned by the ORLEN Group to the city of Płock. Until the end of June it provided shelter to mothers with children and senior citizens. Moreover, owing to support provided by the ANWIL Foundation, a group of refugees was lodged in a palace in Włocławek.

At the beginning of the armed conflict in Ukraine, PKN ORLEN declared its readiness to host refugees at the Company’s Petrochemia hotel in Płock. We provide accommodation, meals and counselling services.

The ORLEN Foundation also provides considerable support to several dozen non-governmental organisations and associations that help people fleeing the war conflict. It donated fuel cards to many NGOs transporting people, drugs and wound dressings, food and other essentials. It lent a car free of charge to Caritas Ukraine, which has been using it to deliver donations and humanitarian aid across Ukraine.

Moreover, in response to current needs, the ORLEN Foundation set up day centres for the youngest refugees staying in Poland, offering a wide range of activities for children of different ages at reception points of the largest halls for refugees – at the Global Expo Trade Fair and Congress Centre, at the Central Sports Centre in Warsaw and in the PTAK Warsaw Expo hall in Nadarzyn near Warsaw. The children were also given an opportunity to visit museums, combined with workshops and Polish language lessons. For instance, Ukrainian children visited the Museum of Sport and Tourism and participated in Polish-Ukrainian family integration workshops at Zachęta National Gallery of Art. With the support of the ORLEN Foundation, the Operation Mobilisation Association launched a project Cinema for Ukrainian Children, as part of which as many as 50 days of film screenings in the Ukrainian language were planned for children and their accompanying persons at refugee centres across Poland. The cinema shows are accompanied by information and education campaigns focusing on the protection and safety of children who had to flee Ukraine with their parents, as well as emotional support for families in distressIn March 2022, PKN ORLEN donated satellite internet kits connected to the Starlink telecom system for use by Ukrainian residents. Already at destination, the hardware provides high-speed internet access, enabling information flow and uninterrupted communication.

Thee help efforts have also been actively joined by our employees. The ORLEN Group carried out donation drives among its staff. Aid was provided by employees of PKN ORLEN, ORLEN Eko, ORLEN Unipetrol, ORLEN Serwis and the ENERGA Foundation. The ORLEN Foundation offers opportunities for acquiring funding for employee volunteering campaigns, which are actively used by employees across the Group in their grassroots initiatives to help war refugees.

The Company enabled transfers of VITAY loyalty programme credit to humanitarian aid to Ukraine. PKN ORLEN donates PLN 5 to help Ukraine for every 1,000 VITAY points transferred by loyalty programme participants, or PLN 25 for every 5,000 points. The ORLEN Paczka service can now be used to send donations for free from all parcel lockers in Poland. Thanks to cooperation with the General Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Lviv, the parcels will eventually go to the civilian population in Ukraine. A Help Ukraine section was added to the ORLEN Paczka website, where visitors could find a verified list of current needs and send products using a system of nearly 1,000 ORLEN Parcel lockers.

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Support for sports and culture, community sponsorships

PKN ORLEN is the largest sponsor of Polish sports, offering assistance to professional and amateur athletes. It is also in the vanguard among companies most dedicated to sponsorship. PKN ORLEN’s well thought-out sponsorship policy brings benefits at three levels: business, sports and social.

The most active sponsors – TOTAL sponsorship activity

The most recognised sponsors of SPORTS

The most recognised sponsors of ARTS AND CULTURE

The most recognised sponsors of CSR PROJECTS

Source: Sponsoring Monitor. Monitoring survey on PKN ORLEN’s sponsorship activities.

PKN ORLEN’s flagship sports sponsorship project is cooperation with Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN and support for Robert Kubica’s races. This is closely connected with our international expansion and efforts aimed at building recognition of the ORLEN brand as the ORLEN Group transforms into international multi-utility group. In 2021, Robert Kubica’s races with ORLEN Team WRT in the European Endurance Championship were some of the key projects supporting ORLEN brand recognition on foreign markets. The team finished first in the season, winning the champion title in the prototype class. PKN ORLEN is also present in many other motorsport disciplines. The colours of the 23-years-old ORLEN Team are worn by cross country, car racing, speedway, Formula 1 Powerboat Racing, aerobatics, motorcycle racing and powered paragliding competitors. The Company supports Poland’s only professional cross country rally team, whose members take part in the Dakar Rally, the most challenging rally in the world. In 2021, Jakub Przygoński, Maciej Giemza and Kamil Wiśniewski took part in its 44th edition, with Przygoński ranking 4th in the car category. Bartosz Zmarzlik won the titles of Individual World Speedway Vice-Champion and Individual Champion of Poland, Mikołaj ‘Miko’ Marczyk became 2nd Vice-Champion of Europe, Kacper Wróblewski reached for the title of 2nd Vice-Champion of Poland in class 2 in the Polish Rally Championship and was ranked 4th in the general classification of the Championship, and Bartłomiej Marszałek finished the season in the 7th position in the individual general classification of the F1H2O World Championship. In 2021, PKN ORLEN carried out a number of projects to promote road safety as part of the #GoodDriver campaign, which featured the participation of the ORLEN Team members. A picnic event was organised at the racing track in Modlin to support the communication of changes in traffic regulations. Also, an information campaign was run on PKN ORLEN’s social media channels, with Robert Kubica, Maja Włoszczowska, Kacper Wróblewski and Bartosz Zmarzlik taking part. Workshops on improving safe driving skills were held for almost 700 people, including PKN ORLEN employees and inhabitants of Płock. Mikołaj ‘Miko’ Marczyk and Kacper Wróblewski acted as ambassadors of the Christmas campaign ORLEN Team for the Children’s Memorial Health Institute. Throughout December, the child patients could try their hand at being rally drivers on two race car simulators set up in the hospital, and during the game they could also ‘compete’ against ORLEN Team drivers.

For years, PKN ORLEN has been a strategic sponsor of the Polish Olympic Committee and the Polish Olympic Team, providing long-term support in preparations for the most important sports event in the world. The 2020 Olympics were the 32nd edition of the Olympic Games and were held in Tokyo, Japan in 2021. Poland was represented by a team of 210, including 100 women and 110 men, who competed in 28 sports. The Polish Olympic Team won 14 Olympic medals in Tokyo: 4 golds, 5 silvers and 5 bronzes, reaching a high 17th position in the medal table. The top medal count was held by sportsmen competing in track and field, who won nine medals, of which five went to sportsmen from the ORLEN Sports Group. Athletics, so loved by Poles and dubbed ‘queen of sports’, is one of the leading sports supported by PKN ORLEN.


successful athletes in the ORLEN Sports Group

The ORLEN Group cooperates with the Polish Athletics Association, and the ORLEN Sports Group of individual athletes receiving financial support from PKN ORLEN included more than 30 title winners, of whom as many as 16 are track and field competitors.

In 2021, the European Para Athletics Championships were held for the first time ever in Poland. The event took place in Bydgoszcz and PKN ORLEN was its main sponsor. It is the fifth largest paralympic sporting event in the world in terms of the number of participants. About 1,300 athletes representing 40 countries competed in the Championships.

In 2021, the Polish athletics team had a lot of successes at major international sporting events, including ten medals at the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Toruń, a gold medal at the European Athletics Team Championships in Chorzów, five medals, including two golds and three silvers, at the World Athletics Relays in Chorzów, and nine medals at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The cooperation with the Polish Athletics Association also involved training of children and youth.

In the Athletics for Everyone! programme, more than 16,000 young people were able to develop their sporting interests. Support was also extended to 16 Regional Athletics Associations. Furthermore, PKN ORLEN continued to partner with the Polish Paralympic Committee, supporting disabled athletes participating in sports competitions. In 2021, the 16th Summer Paralympics were held in Tokyo. 89 Polish athletes arrived in the capital of Japan. The Polish Paralympic Team won 25 medals, including 7 golds, 6 silvers and 12 bronzes, which ultimately placed them in the 17th position in the medal table. The ORLEN Foundation awarded 22 scholarships to medal winners of the Tokyo Paralympic Games as part of its Life to the Full programme.

For nearly a decade, PKN ORLEN has been committed to supporting Polish volleyball. It sponsors the Polish indoor and beach volleyball national teams across all age categories and a volleyball training programme for the most talented youth, helping them succeed. In 2021, the most important test for the Polish men’s national team was participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, in which the team reached the quarter-final. The Polish national team took the 3rd place in the European Men’s Championship and 2nd in the Men’s Nations League. The men’s Polish National Beach Volleyball Team took 3rd place in the European Championship and 1st place in the World Tour. The Polish men’s national volleyball team in the under 19 category achieved a great success, winning the gold medal at the world championship.

PKN ORLEN continued its cooperation with Lang Team, organising professional and amateur cycling races. In 2021, the ORLEN National Race was held – a competition for young cyclists sporting national colours – as well as the ORLEN Lang Team Race, including ORLEN Tour de Pologne Amateurs, consisting of three amateur cycling races.

An important part of the PKN ORLEN sports sponsorship strategy is an effective training system for children and youth, aimed at developing a pipeline of future champions. Together with the Polish Athletics Association, the Company implements the Athletics for Everyone! programme. It has also partnered with the Polish Volleyball Federation to develop young volleyball talents in the framework of School Volleyball Centres, which have brought together about 10,000 children and youth. PKN ORLEN supports young cart racers competing in Poland and Europe, of whom two trained in the Sauber Karting Academy powered by ORLEN. In addition, the Company is involved in the School Sports Club (SKS) programme initiated by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, re-established in Polish schools after years of absence. PKN ORLEN supported projects aimed at encouraging young people to practise sport by organising sports competitions or sports activities combined with fun. It was involved, among other things, in organising the finals of the Track&Field Thursdays, with nearly 2,000 children from all over Poland competing in various sports, as well as in the Hooop Spoort and From Backyard to a Running Track projects, in which a total of about 7,300 children took part. In 2021, PKN ORLEN became the main partner of the Museum of Sports and Tourism in Warsaw. As part of the cooperation, a motor sports zone was created at the museum, displaying, among other things, the motorcycle of the speedway world champion Bartosz Zmarzlik and the racing overalls of Robert Kubica, Jakub Przygoński and Bartłomiej Marszałek, the ORLEN Team members.

PKN ORLEN also supports professional sports in Płock As a strategic sponsor of the ORLEN Wisła Płock handball team and the Wisła Płock football team. The sponsorship of these teams is not merely a business decision – it is a CSR project created together with the Płock community. PKN ORLEN remains the General Sponsor of the Wisła Płock handball team for the 2021/2024 season and the Strategic Sponsor of the Wisła Płock football team for 2021/2022. PKN ORLEN’s support for the handball and football teams is a manifestation of the Company’s commitment to the matters of Płock and the region as well as its understanding of the local community’s needs.

The Energa Group, which has been part of the ORLEN Group since 2020, has been involved in supporting professional and amateur sports for years.

The Energy Team sports and education project was continued again in 2021, encouraging children and young people to exercise regularly. The cooperation involving sponsorship of the Polish Amp Football team was carried on and evolved into the support of the European Amputee Football Championship held in Kraków.

Support was also offered to sport academies, e.g. Beniaminek Krosno Football Academy, Gryf Słupsk Football Academy, and Gdynia Basketball Academy. The Energa Group provided support to Bloczek Team Sports Club in the organisation of the 5th Wrestling Gala and the 1st Maciej Płażyński Wrestling Memorial in Pelplin. It also contributed funds to the construction of a sailing-themed kid’s zone at the Łeba Marina, which is accessible for children with disabilities.

PKN ORLEN builds its brand recognition through sports not only in Poland, but also abroad: it supports a hockey club in the Czech Republic, handball in Germany, and a basketball club in Lithuania.

As a national giant, PKN ORLEN also supports initiatives designed to protect Polish national heritage

In 2021, it continued cooperation with the Grand Theatre – National Opera and the Fryderyk Chopin Institute . PKN ORLEN was a patron of the 18th International Chopin Piano Competition, which has been the pride of Poland for almost a hundred years, evoking positive associations with the country and effectively promoting Polish culture. Its last year’s edition enjoyed the greatest popularity so far, with a record high number of pianists from around the world participating and the concert broadcasts being followed by millions of music lovers from all corners of the world. Six prizes were awarded, including to Jakub Kuszlik, a Polish pianist who won the 4th prize ex aequo. The winner of the competition was Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu of Canada. Also in 2021, the ORLEN Foundation supported the Fryderyk Chopin Institute in purchasing priceless letters written by the composer to George Sand and Therese Schumann. Support was also provided to a historic building complex in Frombork, which will use the donations to renovate and restore part of its cathedral complex. Additionally, the infrastructure will be adapted for people with disabilities. PKN ORLEN once again provided assistance to the Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival and the Eufonie International Music Festival of Central and Eastern Europe. PKN ORLEN was also a partner of the 50th Anniversary of the Reconstruction of the Royal Castle in Warsaw and took patronage over the Beksiński in Warsaw exhibition, the biggest temporary exhibition of Zdzisław Beksiński’s paintings that has ever been displayed. PKN ORLEN is a strategic partner of Poland’s participation in the World Expo 2020 Dubai. The event promotes the economic, cultural and scientific achievements of individual countries and brings together close to 200 countries and international organisations. The Company was also a patron of the Chopin at Expo 2020 Dubai project with daily piano recitals held in the Polish Pavilion. Moreover, thanks to the support of PKN ORLEN, on November 11th a concert to celebrate the Polish Independence Day was given in the Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre by Martín García García, one of the winners of the 18th International Chopin Piano Competition, who performed together with the National Philharmonic Orchestra.

PKN ORLEN was the Main Partner of the 12th Film Festival ‘The Rebellious, the Invincible, the Cursed’, which screens Polish history-themed audiovisual works, bringing together cultural institutions and film, music, and fine artists.

PKN ORLEN was once again involved in the HeroesON – Switch on History! project, as a sponsor of its 5th edition. The goals of the campaign were to commemorate and honour the participants of the Warsaw Uprising and to promote the 20th-century history of Poland. The ORLEN Foundation received the Silver HeroOn award in the non-profit organisation category In recognition of its efforts, including the We keep watch! We remember! project, supporting revitalisation of memorial sites. To date, 60 burial sites and places of death of our national heroes have been renovated as part of its three editions. Furthermore, PKN ORLEN supported the Protective Kit for Insurgent campaign, where a total of 1,400 packages with coronavirus protection products, containing sanitisers, masks and gloves, were distributed to senior citizens who had fought in the Warsaw Uprising. The funds donated by the ORLEN Foundation were used to provide them with hot meals, psychological assistance, and medical visits at home.

With PKN ORLEN’s support, a concert The Miracle of Life by Andrea Bocelli was held in Warsaw. The official premiere broadcast on TVP1 had three million viewers. PKN ORLEN was also a patron of one of the concerts in the ‘The Most Beautiful of All’ series, featuring hits of a popular Polish singer Krzysztof Krawczyk, and supported the organisation of an open-air concert commemorating the 82nd anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, held in front of the World War II Museum in Gdańsk. In 2021, PKN ORLEN sponsored a documentary about Sister Mother Róża Czacka who founded the Congregation of Franciscan Sisters and established the Centre for the Blind Children in Laski.

At the Energa Group, major activities aimed at the protection of national heritage and promotion of patriotic attitudes included financial support for the project of the World War II Museum in Gdańsk entitled Musical Performance on the Anniversary of the Outbreak of World War II. As part of its cultural promotion efforts, the Energa Group continued its cooperation with the Polish Baltic Philharmonic, organised the EnergaCamerimage Festival, and supported various projects such as the Gdańsk Music Festival, Festival of Farmers’ Wives Associations, or a charity concert for Ostrów County community, entitled ‘An Evening for the Soul’.

Rescue organisations which save the lives and health of the Poles on a daily basis are an extremely important focus area for community sponsorships. For many years, PKN ORLEN has been supporting the activities ofthe Volunteer Mountain Rescue Service, Volunteer Masuria Rescue Service, and Volunteer Water Rescue Service in Płock and Legionowo, to name just a few.

For more information on the ORLEN Group’s ongoing activities in the area of sponsorship of sports, culture and social projects, see the ORLEN Group Sponsorship Report for 2021.

26_06_Otwarcie_kąpieliska_w_Grabinie_MF_10 26_06_Otwarcie_kąpieliska_w_Grabinie_MF_10

Involvement with local communities

In 2021, the Company actively collaborated with local communities, particularly in Płock and its other business locations. 28 projects were completed in 2021 under the ORLEN for Płock programme, which has been in place for many years now. The Company’s cooperation with lifeguards of the Płock Water Volunteer Rescue Service (WOPR) continued: a lifeguarded bathing spot on Lake Górskie near Płock was organised for the fifth time. It was used by nearly 40,000 people during the summer holidays. Free swimming lessons for children from grades 4 to 8 and adults aged 40+ were organised for the sixth time and attended by 100 residents of Płock. PKN ORLEN has been a sponsor of the Wisła Płock Sports Club’s Volleyball Section, supporting the players at both youth (about 50 girls and 20 boys) and senior (14 players) team level. Training activity of the Club helps to promote sports, particularly volleyball, among young and adult residents of Płock.

PKN ORLEN became a sponsor of the Hetman Płock Chess Club, offering top class training and development conditions for all age groups, i.e. children, youth, junior, and adult players. 24 adults and 32 younger players have participated in the project. In 2021, adult players scored a very good sixth place in the Polish Team Championships of Chess Extra League. PKN ORLEN was the main sponsor of the Rykowisko Ultra Trail 2021 sports competition held in the Gostynin-Włocławek Landscape Park in Łąck near Płock. Three running routes over different distances were prepared: 36 km (Szybkie Badyle), 72 km (Rącza Łania) and 108 km (Rogacz). 536 runners from all over Poland participated in the event. PKN ORLEN sponsored the Children and Youth Show Jumping Championships organised at the Łąck Stud Farm near Płock, with 70 competitors from all around Poland. In the theatre season 2021/2022, PKN ORLEN gave its patronage to Płock Dramatic Theatre. The theatre has over 65,000 viewers per year and stages, on average, 8 premieres each season. They include some of the best Polish and world classics, contemporary drama, farces, and comedies, as well as fairy tales for children. Performances are complemented by a range of accompanying events, such as exhibitions, discussions, workshop meetings, or theatre lessons combined with a tour around the theatre. PKN ORLEN supported the celebration of the 41st anniversary of the formation of the NSZZ Solidarność trade union in the Płock region. The Company became a patron of the permanent exhibition He Taught Us Freedom. John Paul II in Płock in the Płock Diocesan Museum and sponsored a concert in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Mazovian Museum in Płock.

In 2021, 250,000 LED lights illuminated the Tumskie Hill as part of the Gardens of Light event organised in Płock for the fifth time.

The illumination took the visitors to a fabulous world of colourful animals and glowing trees.

Two health promotion meetings were held in 2021 for members of Farmers’ Wives Associations in two municipalities of the County of Płock: Wyszogród and Łąck. They were a continuation of a project initiated in 2019 to support the Comprehensive Programme for the Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of Cancers and Respiratory System Diseases for Residents of the City and County of Płock. This year’s edition focused on rural areas. The meetings included live lectures on broadly understood prevention of cancers and respiratory diseases and offered access to basic medical tests and advice at four medical diagnostics facilities. There was also a herbal stall and an information desk of the Płock branch of the National Health Fund (NFZ), providing information on rehabilitation stays for people suffering from persistent effects of COVID-19. The NFZ information desk issued European Social Security Cards (EHIC). Communication with the local community in and around Płock was ensured, inter alia, by an online platform Free Information System for residents of the Płock region ORLENinfo The system was used by the Company to send text messages and emails about, among other things, sports and cultural events, safety system tests, maintenance shutdowns, operation of the stop-smoking assistance point and medical offices organised under the Comprehensive Programme for the Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of Cancers and Respiratory System Diseases, and ORLEN Foundation’s assistance programmes. Due to the pandemic restrictions, the number of communications was comparable to that of the previous year, but lower than in 2019. in 2021, 53 text messages were sent out to more than 1,000 (1,070) system users In order to encourage other ORLEN Group companies to strengthen their direct relationships with external stakeholders, an online meeting was organised with their representatives to present the text message and email based Free Information System for residents of the Płock region. During the meeting, persons tasked with communication and CSR at Group companies learned about the benefits offered by the use of such communication platform and how it could be developed within the Group, taking into account the needs and specific nature of each company. They received a full package of information on the technical rules for joining the system.

Dni_Bezpieczeństwa_Pracy_i_Ochrony_Zdrowia_BHP_13 Dni_Bezpieczeństwa_Pracy_i_Ochrony_Zdrowia_BHP_13

PKN ORLEN continued its cooperation with the Płock City Bike system by equipping it with additional 250 bicycles at 25 locations, which are fully compatible with the existing ones. A user can take a bike from a location in Płock and return it at any ORLEN terminal and vice versa. By the end of November 2021, over 65,000 people had used ORLEN bike stations. Along with expanding the city bike system, the Company carried out an educational campaign in Płock devoted to safe cycling, under the name of Cycling Code. To promote a safety mindset among young bicycle users, a competition for slogans promoting safe cycling was held at schools in Płock. The prizes for students were shopping vouchers for sports equipment, worth more than PLN 10,000 in total. The Municipal Police Headquarters and the Provincial Road Traffic Centre were engaged as project partners.

In 2021, PKN ORLEN decided that the slogans distinguished in the competition could be used in communication activities to remind of safe cycling rules. To this end it organised an outdoor educational campaign on billboards located in Płock’s 20 busiest areas.

In order to better address local community needs, PKN ORLEN engages in stakeholder dialogue and conducts anonymous surveys. The findings of one of such surveys, which the Company thought could be useful for Płock teaching staff as it focused on the development inspirations of young people, were developed into a report and a free webinar Inspiring Growth. The project featured the findings of a survey conducted in secondary schools of the County of Płock among young adults attending 3rd and 4th grades, i.e. being on the verge of maturity and making important decisions concerning their future. The results were first presented and discussed in late 2020, during a special webinar broadcast on a dedicated website, and in 2021 they were compiled into a report complemented by an opinion of experts in sociology and pedagogy. According to the specialists who analysed the survey, it provided insight into who young people look up to, into their hobbies, the values they respect in other people, their plans for the future, growth inspirations and barriers. The findings were presented to Płock teaching staff, The report was downloaded by Internet users about 1,000 times.

In 2021, charitable activities of the Energa Group included the 8th edition of the Charity Activists Campaign, conducted in October, and focusing on support for children’s homes (12 institutions) and organisations and institutions providing care and treatment to the elderly (3 institutions). In cooperation with the ORLEN Foundation, solar photovoltaic panels provided by Energa Obrót were mounted on the roofs of four foster care centres as part of the Good Energy Homes project. In 2021, the Drop of Energy Foundation collected as many as 279 litres of blood from 620 blood donors.

279 litres of blood

donated to the Drop of Energy Foundation in 2021

In addition, household appliances worth PLN 200,000 were provided to the cities-winners of the 12th edition of the Glow with Energa campaign, organised with the support of the Energa Group. In the pre-Christmas season, as part of the second edition of the Parcels Full of Good Energy project, charges of social welfare institutions, patients of Gdańsk hospitals, and people facing a homelessness crisis received Christmas parcels. Moreover, employees of the Energa Group donated 374 pairs of winter boots for the 2021/2022 winter season to St. Brother Albert’s Aid Society in Gdańsk. In 2021, PKN ORLEN actively supported the foundations it had established, contributed to, or participated in, including the ORLEN Foundation, the Grant Fund for Płock Foundation, the Foundation of the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Oil and Gas Industry Museum in Bóbrka , the Polish National Foundation, the Grow Up with Us Foundation and the Polish Economic Security Consortium through the Polish Economic Security Foundation, Legal and Economic Dialogue and Analysis Institute.

In 2021, the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Museum of Oil and Gas Industry in Bóbrka celebrated its 60th anniversary. The event was sponsored by PKN ORLEN. The purpose was to commemorate the anniversary and to promote and share knowledge about the origins and heritage of the oil industry in the world, with particular focus on Poland’s role in this field. The anniversary events included an international conference ‘First Oil Extraction and Processing Facilities – Candidates for the UNESCO World Heritage List’, attended by museum managers and custodians from the United States, Canada, Germany, and Romania, and an exhibition World Museums of the Oil Industry. For diagnostic purposes, internal surveys were conducted among the ORLEN Group companies regarding their relationships with local communities. The survey data have been analysed and developed into a report which will be used to design initiatives aimed at enhancing the cohesion of relationships and establishing common standards across the companies.

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