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Our products and services are appreciated by both individual and institutional customers. ORLEN is the most valuable Polish brand according to the Rzeczpospolita ranking. The brand is valued at nearly PLN 10 billion.

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Our products

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TOP10 products in terms of revenue in 2021

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Our brands

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The ORLEN Group companies are engaged in the following types of activity:

  • energy (electricity and heat), refining and petrochemical activities, including crude oil processing, and manufacturing of refining, petrochemical and chemical products and semi-finished products;
  • trading: distribution and sale of electricity and heat, trade in electricity, wholesale and retail sale of fuels, petrochemicals, chemical and other products;
  • services: crude oil and fuels storage, transport, repair and maintenance services, laboratory, security, design, administrative, insurance and finance services;
  • hydrocarbon exploration, appraisal and production.

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