Policies in place

The ORLEN Group has a number of policies and internal regulations in place that govern the social area. They provide guidance on taking responsible actions towards sustainability.

  • ORLEN Group Code of Ethics – defines the values, principles of conduct and rules that set ethical standards for all ORLEN Group employees, based on a revised approach to understanding ORLEN values: Responsibility, Progress, People, Energy and Dependability, as well as the current scale or operations and operating strategy, the requirements of the Group’s environment, and best practices in the field of business ethics. Moreover, it is a document supporting the implementation of the ORLEN 2030 business strategy.
  • ORLEN Group CSR Strategy until 2022 – wserved as the document setting out the directions of social responsibility initiatives until the autumn of 2021. The CSR strategy was implemented within five key areas of responsibility: Society, Environment, Employees, Customers, and Business Partners.
  • ORLEN Group Sustainable Development Strategy 2021–2023 – the new ORLEN Group Sustainable Development Strategy 2021–2023 is integrated with the ORLEN 2030 business strategy and the decarbonisation strategy until 2050. This synergy of activities allows us to pursue an ambitious business agenda for the next decade, to strengthen the Group’s financial performance, and to build long-term value for all stakeholders. The Sustainable Development Strategy also implements the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement, UN 2030 Agenda and European Green Deal. It is built around three ESG pillars: Environmental, Social and Governance.
  • Charitable Giving Policy – an important tool for implementing the new ORLEN Group Sustainable Development Strategy 2021–2023. It sets out the four priorities of our charitable involvement:


Supporting initiatives related to rational shaping of the environment and sustainable management of natural resources, anti-pollution initiatives, initiatives designed to conserve and restore elements of the natural environment, and initiatives furthering the concept of circular economy.


Supporting foster family group homes and young people leaving children’s homes, the socially excluded groups including people with disabilities, initiatives to assist returnees and their families, and initiatives of local communities and local partners.


Supporting professional and voluntary rescue services, road safety stakeholders, medical institutions and facilities, and initiatives to promote healthy and active lifestyles.


Supporting initiatives for the development of sports, education, science and young talents, initiatives for the conservation and restoration of historical monuments, and initiatives promoting Polish culture and history.

The Charitable Giving Policy also defines the principles of giving, using and accounting for gifts and donations. Chari-table support is offered directly by the ORLEN Group and through the ORLEN Foundation, ANWIL Foundation, ORLEN Unipetrol Foundation and Energa Foundation.

  • In 2021, the External Relations Office started work on updating the Charitable Giving Policy of Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A. to align it with the new ORLEN Group Sustainable Development Strategy 2021–2023 and the changing structure of the ORLEN Group. Seeking to create synergies in its social initiatives, the ORLEN Group developed the Organisational Standard for Supervising Foundations Sponsored or Co-Sponsored by PKN ORLEN or ORLEN Group Companies. The standard is based on the Policy on Supervising Foundations Sponsored by PKN ORLEN or ORLEN Group Companies, approved by the Management Board of PKN ORLEN on December 17th 2020.
  • PKN ORLEN Standards of Conduct in Relations with Local Communities – the document is a set of guidelines on how to cooperate with local communities in the areas where PKN ORLEN conducts its business activities. It is intended for internal use and binding on all PKN ORLEN employees.
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The document defines the mission, vision and purpose of the procurement policy.

It implements the Procurement Policy and serves as a tool to achieve its objectives.

A revised version of the document was implemented at all companies of the ORLEN Group in 2021. It is consistent with the assumptions and objectives set out in the ORLEN 2030 business strategy and contains a set of supplier selection criteria divided into five key categories: Responsibility, Progress, People, Energy and Dependability. The document supports suppliers in building awareness and developing best CSR and sustainability practices.

The document defines a fair and transparent model for the conduct of the ORLEN Group’s business, guaranteeing trust, security, free competition and value for all stakeholders.

The document aims to promote values, policies, norms and behaviours consistent with the principle of equal treatment of employees, to raise awareness and understanding of how important diversity is, and to create conditions for an open and tolerant workplace. For PKN ORLEN, diversity is not merely counteracting discrimination but rather a deliberate effort to acknowledge different viewpoints or experiences and to appreciate diversity as a value in itself.

The document defines the rules for accepting and offering gifts at PKN ORLEN.

It defines the rules of cooperation between social partners in restructuring processes and the employees’ rights in such processes.

Being a declaration to assure quality, minimise environmental impacts, ensure employee safety and information security, it is closely related to the PKN ORLEN core values.


Declaration of the commitment to ensuring the highest quality of food products and our food and drink service, care for the health and safety of customers as well as for their culinary tastes, by continually developing the Standards and Best Practices in Food and Drink Services in accordance with the HACCP principles.

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