Sustainable development strategy

Sustainable development plays an important role in the process of building a multi-utility group and implementing the ambitious agenda under the ORLEN Group's strategy until 2030.

The new business strategy is a response to the changes in our environment driven by the global climate crisis. It enhances resilience of ourbusiness models to climate change and its consequences across the value chain. Over the next decade, PKN ORLEN will allocate PLN 30 billion to sustainability projects, including new business models.

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In 2021, the Management Board of PKN ORLEN adopted the ORLEN Group Sustainable Development Strategy for 2021–2023, which supports the goals of the ORLEN Group’s 2030 business strategy and the the decarbonisation strategy announced in 2020, and comprehensively addresses ESG and CSR objectives, providing a robust governance system for sustainability. Building on a history of successful stakeholder dialogue and CSR activities, the ORLEN Group’s revised approach attaches great importance to the environmental needs expressed in multilateral initiatives such as the European Green Deal and Paris Agreement. The strategy provides for the implementation of projects designed to enhance climate management, as recommended by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

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Engaging in sustainability-driven initiatives under Strategy 2030

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