Human capital

People are one of the key pillars of the ORLEN Group’s strategy. We provide fair and friendly working conditions for our employees. Relations with internal stakeholders and the external business environment are based on integrity, respect and on dialogue, cooperation and involvement of each staff member in building a culture consistent with the Company’s core values.


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  • Goal 5
  • Goal 8
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Key facts about the capital

  • Over 35,000 employees to be involved in the ORLEN Group strategy implementation by 2030
  • Multinational team in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Canada
  • Representatives of various professions
  • Multigenerational workforce
  • Former employees with long years of service to ORLEN Group
  • Potential employees – professionals and students of technical schools and universities who are at the point of choosing their field of study or future career

Capital management


  UoM 2021 2020
ORLEN Group workforce [persons] 35,424 32,960
Employee turnover [%] 9.5 7.7
Hires rate [%] 9.5 9.8
Total recordable rate (TRR) [number] 1.10 0.72
T1 PSER [number] 0.06 0.05
Average training hours per employee, including:  
Women [hours] 19.5 23.4
Men [hours] 20.4 25.2
Managers [hours] 29.0 38.5
Non-managers [hours] 18.8 23.7
Liabilities to PFRON [PLN] over 26m not published
Employment of people with disabilities  [persons] 367 not published
Employees trained in human rights issues [%] 18.51 not published

For ten years in a row, PKN ORLEN has been recognised by experts from Top Employers Institute as Poland’s leading employer.

Based on the results of an independent study of the HR policies of surveyed companies, PKN ORLEN won the Top Employer Polska title once again in 2021 and for the first time in history it topped the ranking table. The participants of the survey conducted by Top Employers Institute are the best employers from around the world following HR practices that comply with international standards.

For more information on employee matters, see ‘Responsible employer’.

How human capital interacts with other capitals

In 2021, the ORLEN Group’s hiring policy was focused on recruiting top quality specialists for both day-to-day tasks and strategic projects. Acquisition of the Polska Press Group (1,827 people) and ORLEN Transport (180 people) in 2021 and expansion of the ORLEN Group’s power generation, IT and retail areas led to a year-on-year increase in total workforce by 2,047 people, to 35,424 employees. Attracting skilled labour is key to maintaining and growing the components of manufactured capital.

Investment in growing human capital has a positive impact on the intellectual and social capitals, and thus also drives the financial capital. In order to attract top talent, ORLEN Group offers terms of employment that are unique both in terms of employee compensation and non-financial benefits.

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